We use materials, patterns and shapes inspired by experiences and memories that make us tick. A familiar place, a charm that we never want to part with, or even a smell that evokes a childhood memory: our inspiration is rooted in everyday moments of life. It is woven throughout our travels, encounters, happy coincidences or generous moments.

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In our creative studio, we imagine and design each piece in our collections. Steps that involve Laure, artistic director of the brand, Ludivine, collection manager, Nora and Olivia, model makers and product technicians and Maxime, stylist assistant.


Laure selects atmospheres, fabrics and images to compose a mood board, a table of inspirations. The idea: to give an artistic direction in colors, shapes and patterns to the collection. This identity allows Ludivine to create the first sketches.



The direction is given, we begin the first sketches. We draw our favorites, our desires and reinvent our timeless pieces by adapting them to the season. Modern and assertive cuts that we now send to Nora and Olivia to bring our sketches to life.


It’s time for sourcing. Laure and Lulu select materials, buttons, zippers and above all exclusive prints which will give character to the clothes. Each model now has a sketch, a technical sheet, a material and accessories... All that remains is to discover the first prototype.



The prototypes are there, the whole team organizes fittings in order to readjust and check that the models are perfect, both in style and comfort. The piece is finally ready to be shot! Choice of models, locations, atmospheres, photography team and here we go again! Soon the images will appear on our site and on the networks!


Laure, co-founder & artistic director

Can you describe Laure+Max in 3 words?
Free, Solar & assertive.

What are your sources of inspiration? What influences your work?
Everything is a source of inspiration, girls in the street, travel, fashion shows, our wardrobes... I draw ideas, desires from our daily lives. Our desire to wear this or that piece that is missing from our wardrobe is a real source of inspiration! When I was little, I was already fascinated by materials, cuts, workshops, a passion for fashion that my father passed on to me. I never doubted that I would make this my career and follow in his footsteps. Laure+max is also thanks to him.

How would you define your trademark?
I make a point of designing clothes that are pleasant to wear, with which you can go to work in the morning and go to a restaurant in the evening simply because you feel perfect. Also, it is essential for us to stay in a price range accessible to all. We will always have our favorite pieces that are more premium but the little dress at an affordable price will never be far away!

“We have thousands of stories and memories. Materializing them in a wardrobe: this is Laure+Max’s playground, and it’s the most pleasant thing there is.”