Who are we ?

We met one summer evening, on the shores of the Mediterranean. It was somewhere between the stalls of a market and the bustling suburbs of Tel Aviv that we wanted to create our brand together, Laure+Max. Back in France, we took up the foundations laid by Laure's father, a passionate stylist for over 25 years.

We support free and spontaneous women, offering them pieces that suit their desires and suit their daily lives.

We design and make clothes that make you feel good. We feel free. Laure+Max is a lifestyle, which highlights our vision of women. A lifestyle that expresses itself through freedom, travel, discovery. A cosmopolitan philosophy and a liberated vision of women. Smiling, radiant faces, expression lines, open to others and to things. Funny, sunny, charismatic, liberated and spontaneous women. These are the people we want to represent through our collections.

“Being close to my clients, being like them, allows me to have a very precise idea of ​​what I wanted to achieve in the creation of our collections. I draw my inspiration from our daily lives, from the way we live, the way we understand the world. »

Laura Guetta


In Chinese portrait mode, it looks like this! If you were ... ?


A book : "The Stranger" by Albert Camus, one of the best classics, if not all of Prévert's texts.

A city : New York or Mérida, I can't choose :) Or maybe the vibe of Tel Aviv.

A piece of clothing : A jumpsuit!

A film : Léon

A quote : “There are flowers everywhere for anyone who wants to see them.” Henry Matisse


A book : “Life Before You” by Romain Gary. A lesson in spontaneity.

A city : Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps!

Clothing : A white t-shirt, my best ally in all circumstances.

A film : “Good will hunting”

A quote : “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Helen Keller

Laure and Max imagined a project, designed its identity and brought together the best team to bring it to life.


The Laure+Max team is made up above all of people who are passionate about their profession and in total alignment with the brand's DNA. Free and Solar is our mantra and each of them represents this mindset and these values.

In the team, we find Ludivine, collection manager, Olivia and Nora, model makers, Sophie, digital manager, Maxime, stylist assistant, Charlotte, marketing manager, Thaïs, communications manager, Penina, customer manager, Benjamin, logistics manager and Nicolas, logistician.

Together we collect emotions, memories, experiences and travels. We are driven and brought together by the same values ​​such as diligence, spontaneity, pleasure but also and above all by the taste for a job well done. And each person in this team does everything they can to offer you a unique experience.

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