Laure+max's identity lies in the woman who embodies her: freedom-loving, daring and assertive, she has her own style She follows her desires, she is in tune with the times, she dares a wardrobe that resembles her , without imposing a dictated fashion.In her day, the wardrobe of the laure+max woman adapts to her daily life and the different roles she takes on.She has fun going from a little floral dress to stylish overalls boyish, through high waisted pants or an oversized parka.

Laure and Maxence, the founders, imagined a project, designed its identity and assembled the best team to bring it to life.

The brand laure+max wants to offer the right piece that will sublimate a style and give it allure at a fair price. She favors natural materials such as cotton and viscose,

What sets her apart from the others is the desire to escape trends and to offer modern silhouettes in which we like to live.

At laure+max, teams are made aware of sustainable development issues and are committed to getting things done with a real desire for tomorrow.

"Being close to my clients, being like them, allows me to have a very specific idea of ​​what I wanted to achieve in the creation of our collections. I draw my inspiration from our daily lives, from the way we live, how we understand the world. "



Founder & artistic director

Can you describe laure+max in 3 words ?
Bold, free & assertive.

What are your sources of inspiration ? What influences your work?
Everything is a source of inspiration, the girls in the street, the trips, the parades, our changing rooms ... We draw ideas, desires from our daily lives. Our desire to wear this or that piece that is missing in our wardrobe are real sources of inspiration! When I was little I was already fascinated by materials, cuts, workshops, a passion for fashion that my father passed on to me. I never doubted that I would make it my profession and follow in his footsteps. Laure+max is also thanks to him.

How would you define your trademark ?
I make a point of designing clothes that are comfortable to wear, that you can go to work with in the morning and go to a restaurant in the evening just because you feel perfect. It is therefore essential for us to remain within a price range accessible to all. We will always have favorite pieces that are more expensive and complicated to develop but the little dress at an affordable price will never be far away!