A desire for tomorrow

Obviously, tomorrow concerns us.
Our future and that of our children are at the heart of our choices and decisions.
We do not set ourselves up as a "green" brand, but we understand the issues that are at stake today and which will have consequences for tomorrow.
This is why we decide to act little by little, each season a little more.
We explain how and what are the means implemented to get things done.

Controlled production

In a responsible production approach, we do our best to avoid excess stocks.
We believe that a quality product at the right price is not seasonal and does not need to be destocked. For example, we have chosen to provide you with a selection of timeless summer archives at affordable prices throughout the winter season.

Where do we produce and why?

All over the world, we choose our workshops with care based on their know-how and respect for working conditions. We make sure that our partners respect our values ​​and all the requirements of the labels we have chosen (BSCI, ISO 14001). We share personal and privileged relationships with everyone that allow us to build trust season after season.

Today the majority of our production is done in China. This country has developed one of the most modern textile industries on the planet. We monitor and inspect our partner factories on a quarterly basis which are the same every season. They offer working conditions as satisfactory as in Europe, and workers' wages are well above the legal minimum. By choosing our partners for their know-how and not for their nationality, we highlight the qualities of each.

Transport optimizationT

In order to transport our production, we favor sea freight through companies with which we share social and environmental commitments, such as CMA-CGM.
For your deliveries, we have an exclusive partnership with UPS, a pioneer in sustainable and ecological solutions, most of whose vehicles in Paris run 100% electric.

Reduction of packaging

We have reduced the percentage of packaging and plastic per item in order to meet only the criteria of protection of our products, and not aesthetic criteria.
All our cardboard packaging is recycled every week thanks to a partnership with VEOLIA France.