Our Studio

It is within the style office, nestled in the heart of the Montorgueil district in Paris, that laure+max flourishes. The inspiration, the first sketches, the model making, the prototypes, the fittings, all the collections are designed there. Meticulous teams of technicians work on a daily basis to shape ideas and desires. It is in this Parisian workshop that they bring all the pieces in the collection to life.

What are the Stepsof creation?
Step 1

The team selects moods and colors in order to compose a moodboard, an inspiration board.
A first identity of the collection which allows stylists to embark on the first sketches. The idea: to create a complete collection: from the dress to the jumpsuit, from the skirt to the blouse, from the pants to the jacket.

Step 2

Once the collection plan is established, the model makers bring the first sketches to life, always on the lookout for modern cuts and character.

Step 3

The search for noble materials, soft fabrics, patterns to die for is a priority for us. We select them with love according to the colors chosen for the collection. This season, we dare the bright green, the midnight blue, the lime green, the bright red.

Step 4

Last straight line: fittings.
We put on the prototypes.
The stylists adjust each model so that they fall perfectly.
The collection is ready to launch!

Each piece offered is easy to wear both in terms of cut and material. The skirts and dresses with soft lines, the blouses and shirts with the perfect falls, the jackets and coats with the ample cuts ensure a very pretty silhouette.

The artistic team works on as many exclusive patterns as possible, but also on more traditional prints like polka dots or stripes. We inevitably find Vichy, animal, wax, flowery, or plain in crepe-viscose which are available on different models.

"I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by a loyal, competent team and above all sensitive to our universe. It is through this love of a job well done and the desire to always go further that we are writing the story of laure+max together. "

Laure Guetta, Founder & Art Director